Authentic Looking Georgian Windows with Astragal Proud Standing Georgian Bars

Astragal Proud Standing Georgian Bars, Thermally Efficient UPVC Replacement Windows, Essex


There are 500,000 listed buildings in England, 14,200 of which are in Essex, dating from before 1700 to more recent times. These are properties which have been designated as having special architectural or historical interest, by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. The unique character and appearance of a conservation area, containing listed and unlisted buildings, must be retained and preserved meaning strict control of any proposed building or installation work. Homeowners in these areas, are required to seek relevant consent before considering or embarking on any work or alterations on their home, which may compromise the integrity of the area.

The windows of any building are a major focal point and convey immediate information about dates and style. Replacement windows in conservation locations must meet planning approval, as inappropriate or inferior double glazed windows, can spoil the overall look of the area and lower its property values.

The window design of the Georgian period, offers an unmistakeable charm and elegance, with beautifully detailed symmetrical lines. These period features can be replicated with the modern equivalent, bringing the same stunning shapes, teamed with contemporary thermally efficient technology. The benefits of UPVC cottage style windows fitted with Astragal Proud Standing, Georgian bars include an attractive and authentic look, with lower fuel bills.

Astragal Proud Standing Georgian Bars from Essex Trade Windows Ltd, can transform your windows and provide a high impact finish. These Georgian Bars have risen incredibly in popularity in the past year, and a pattern has been noticed where one home will install these Georgian Bars, and in no time at all many of the neighbours follow suit! Available in a wide range of colours and finishes these Georgian Bars are utilised by fabricators, designers, window installation specialists and leading double glazing companies. They are extremely convenient, need no glue or tape and once applied will not come off until you want them off.

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Georgian Bars for Properties in Conservation Areas, Wide Range of Colours & Finishes, Essex

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