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The internet has brought major changes to the way most people shop nowadays, making the long drawn out, tiring shopping trip a thing of the past. When wishing to purchase sheds and garden storage for instance, the usual modern process is to sit in front of the computer or mobile device, with a coffee and browse. A simple search for ‘metal sheds’ or ‘plastic sheds’ followed by the preferred location will provide a large number of options. Of course, this form of buying can still have its pitfalls, and a common sense approach is always needed. Many people have fallen victim to websites full of impressive images of outdoor storage buildings with extremely positive descriptions and unbelievably low prices. A look at some of the online review sites will confirm the all to frequent outcome of ordering these items, with disappointed shed recipients reporting the arrival of inferior, flimsily made, badly fitting units.

It is difficult to ensure that the garden shed you are interested in is up to an acceptable standard, without having it in front of you, but a few sensible checks should help. Try typing the product details and name into a search engine along with the words ‘customer reviews’. While reviews are not completely reliable, they can give you a good idea of what many people are saying about the product. The company you are considering may also be searched, to see what the general consensus is about their customer service and reputation.

SM Garden Sheds, consistently offer superior, long lasting metal and plastic sheds, garages and workshops. They supply garden sheds from some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, and every outdoor building they supply is subjected to rigorous investigation. This is to assure 100% customer satisfaction, and a look at their website testimonial section will confirm their success. One of most popular metal outdoor storage products from SM Garden Sheds, is the Lotus light clad metal shed. Lotus represent the highest profile light clad metal sheds on the market, incorporating innovative design features from their practical apex roof, ventilated gables and heavy gauge galvanised steel parts, to their redesigned door glide. An incredibly simple to use instructional video is available for swift, trouble free assembly.

For a high quality, functional UPVC garden storage solution that will last and last, the choice for many customers is a model from the Lifetime range. Endlessly robust, these plastic sheds are constructed using steel reinforced high density polyethylene [HDPE], and incorporate UV protection. They also come with integral stain resistant floor, steeply pitched roofs, screened vents, skylights and 1.8m walls. Pad-lockable double doors give a secure edge, and include handles with button catch mechanisms and versatile internal bolts.

SM Garden Sheds offer second to none customer service and competitively low prices, so give them a call on 0845 601 6299

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