CE Marking on Double Glazed Windows

In a new article on their website, Gugs marketing partner Essex Trade Windows Ltd have drawn attention to a new requirement for CE Marking on double glazed windows and UPVC doors.

From the 1st July 2013 EU Construction Products Regulations (CPR)  introduced harmonised European Norms to double glazing and UPVC products.

Manufacturers of double glazed windows and doors are now obliged to add the CE Mark (“Conformité Européene”) to products and packaging. The CE Mark denotes that the company has taken a number of measures to ensure their products can be compared on a like for like basis with other manufacturers across Europe. This particularly covers strength of security components in double glazed windows and doors; whether any harmful chemicals are contained in the product and the thermal insulation qualities of doors and windows.

Although Essex Trade Windows Ltd welcome the introduction of the new requirement there is the sense that they don’t feel the measure is stringent enough. CE Marking is not a measure of quality. CE Marking is based on a self declaration from the manufacturer that certain processes have been followed, including the independent testing of components from their own supplier. But just because a double glazed window or UPVC door carries a CE Mark it does not automatically signify that the product meets building regulations.

For this reason, Essex Trade Windows are still advising customers and those seeking new or replacement double glazed windows and PVCu doors to seek quality assurance and guarantees from the manufacturer. The fact remains, good quality UPVC double glazing comes from good quality double glazing manufacturers and installers, such as Trade Windows Services.

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