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Adding a conservatory to your home is one of the best ways to improve it’s value, and provide an extra living space for your family. There is evidence that this new room will become extremely popular with everyone, for a number of reasons. Grown ups may use the conservatory for relaxing or entertaining, teens may want to study or ‘chill’, and the youngest members of the family will have somewhere safe to play. Considerations prior to purchasing your conservatory include the preferred style, size, design and material.


There are a range of options for the style of your conservatory including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Mediterranean, solid roof and many other shapes and configurations.


Practicality comes into this as well as preference, so talk to your conservatory professional about available choices.


A conservatory can be as thermally and energy efficient as any other room in the home these days, with excellent levels of security. Gone are the days of draughty, insecure structures which suffered from water ingress. Today’s market leading double glazing and roofing systems such as Ultraframe, are innovative and reliable.


Conservatories come in timber, aluminium or UPVC, each material having it’s own individual advantages with few downsides due to advances in technology.

Timber frames represent a traditional feel, favoured by many homeowners, as wood has a beauty and tactile nature all it’s of own and can look exceptionally tasteful, complimenting all property styles. When properly maintained, timber conservatories will last for years and years, although its upkeep can be a little labour intensive.

UPVC is chosen for it’s durability and ease of maintenance, requiring little more than a wipe over occasionally. This popular material will not rust or rot, and will provide great insulation as well as looking very smart.

Aluminium is perfect if you desire a highly bespoke result featuring unique curves and designs along with a long lasting product. It is easily manipulated, and demonstrates amazing strength even where the frame is thin. Light and resistant to any kind of rot or warping, aluminium is available in a vast range of attractive colours and finishes.

Trade Window Services Ltd, offer a high quality service including selection, design and planning of superior quality conservatories, using Computer Aided Design if desired, call them on 01702 557 137.

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