European Harmonisation of Norms and CE Marking for UPVC Doors

The UPVC Door Store have joined Essex Trade Windows in offering a cautious welcome to the addition of double glazed windows and UPVC doors to the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

As a highly respected and responsible manufacturer and supplier of quality UPVC front doors, back doors, patio doors, sliding doors and French windows, the UPVC Door Store is happy to see any legislation that raises standards in the industry. The difficulty comes with the fact that CE Marking is based on self-declarations from the manufacturers themselves.

CE Marking (Conformité Européene) lays out a number of stages that must be followed in the procurement, manufacturing and recording processes in the construction and supply of UPVC and composite doors.

  1. Manufacturers should define the product: i.e. exterior sliding door, French window; half-glazed door, etc.
  2. Manufacturers should define the required characteristics of the product such as the strength of the safety devices, the inclusion of any dangerous substances and the thermal insulation of the product.
  3. Demonstrate of conformance  with the  above characteristics in all products.
  4. A system of Factory Production Control (FPC) must be in place for consistent quality
  5. All processes and procedures should be accurately recorded and made available in the correct format.

In itself, the CE Mark is not a guarantee of quality and UPVC doors with the CE mark to not necessarily meet Building Regulations.

Manufacturers of good quality made to measure UPVC exterior doors, including the UPVC Door Store, would suggest consumers looking to buy new or replacement front or back doors, or any other UPVC product, should always look for the CE label but also look beyond the Mark in choosing UPVC doors or double glazing that is right for them.

European Harmonisation of Norms and CE Marking for UPVC Doors


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