Landscaping Tips

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 Planning to landscape your own garden or outdoor area in Braintree? Whether starting afresh on rough ground or redesigning an established garden, it can be done, here are some pointers:-

  1. Plan Ahead – Decide on any desired features in advance, this may seem obvious, but many people chop and change their minds, and end up having to get the diggers out again with additional hire expense. Plus thinking ahead means you won’t have to negotiate your way around parts already completed, with the consequent risk of damage and set backs.
  2. Seamless Transition – Consider matching your outdoor paving to your indoor flooring, as long as you can find an outdoor version. This will give a smooth impressive edge to the overall result.
  3. Drainage – Remember that water needs to drain [especially with all the rain we get here in the UK]. Bear in mind that lawns, gravelled areas and borders assist good drainage. Think about ways to harvest rainwater where possible, as this is perfect for watering the garden during a dry spell.
  4. Decking – Building decking on a sloping or uneven garden will create a cost effective, level surface, and provide an even connection between your garden and your house.
  5. Sun Spots – Be aware of where the sun is at certain times of the day when designing your garden, and use the info to determine where to place things. A nice sunny spot in the afternoon, and maybe a shaded place in the evening. This helps when positioning sun loving plants and bushes too.
  6. Mature Plants – Your freshly planted garden could look a little bare at first before bulbs, seeds or saplings have grown, so a few mature plants here and there will help it to look established. Bedding plants will brighten up the place, and bring an immediate splash of colour.
  7. Lighting – Think about lighting, which can make a huge difference to the mood of your outdoor area. Entertaining in the evenings is made all the more pleasurable with some trendy glowing lights, or even pretty solar powered fairy lights.
  8. Sheds and Garden Storage – You will need somewhere safe, dry and secure to store tools, lawnmowers, garden furniture, outdoor toys, DIY materials etc. You can get a smart looking, good quality shed without breaking the bank these days in metal, plastic or timber.

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