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sheA garden shed is just for storing ‘things’ right? Well sort of. You may not be aware of the many ways garden sheds have been used in the past. Sheds have doubled as garages, workshops, summerhouses, hobby or work stations and just relaxing sanctuaries. In 1901 William Harley and Arthur Davidson, while working for a metal fabrication company first set about making a motorcycle in their shed. No further explanation needed there. The multi selling ‘Workmate’ was invented and perfected in a shed, after engineer Ron Hickman struggled to construct a wardrobe and to his frustration sawed through the chair he was using for support. All sorts of things have been thought up or developed in sheds, from cancer treatments to top selling vehicles!

So you have decided you need a shed of your own. There are a few choices to make before searching for the right outdoor building for you, like what size and shape, material [metal, plastic or timber] do you want windows or skylights and if so how many? There is a ton of information online about the whys and wherefores of various shed options, and importantly, advice on what to avoid.
Buying your shed online has amazing benefits like unlimited choice, convenience, speed and bargain prices, as long as you ensure the website in question is trustworthy. Take a little time to check out the shed or outdoor building supplier, read reviews and check the contact details for a real address. There are numerous online articles you can read, which advise and give great tips about online security.

A highly reputable outdoor garden storage company to look at are our digital promotion partners SM Garden Sheds, who offer a vast range of superior quality sheds, garages, workshops and outdoor storage buildings. The team get very excited about sheds and certainly know their stuff! All of the sheds they supply without exception are thoroughly vetted before being considered for sale, and this includes investigative trips to manufacturing plants. Existing products have to continually live up to their promises or they are no longer offered to customers. Always keen to include new and innovative garden storage products to their range, SM Garden Sheds are delighted with a shed selection they are planning to add early in 2016.

The Wolff Comfortline metal shed collection from Wolff Finnhaus are heavy duty steel sheds, featuring attractive and space saving sliding doors. The stylish Osaka, Sapporo,Tokyo and Yokohama are ZAMĀ® coated; a highly corrosion-resistant hot-dip coated steel sheet that has a coating layer of zinc, aluminium and magnesium. Weatherproof, secure and maintenance free they are set to take the world of sheds by storm. Read more about them here, or call SM Garden Sheds on 0845 601 6299. .

Heavy Duty Steel, Plastic & Timber Garden Sheds, Garages, Workshops & Outdoor Storage Buildings.

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