Secure & Energy Efficient, Bespoke Front & Back UPVC Doors

Quality UPVC Made to Measure, Front & Back Secure Doors. Wide Range of Styles & Colours.


Many homes retain their original front and back doors even after a full double glazing window replacement. External door replacement is not deemed as important as window replacement, or perhaps home-owners wish to keep within the overall look of the property. Although people may be drawn to the idea of a traditional type solid wood door, there can be snags. Wood can be subject to rotting or warping over time, or may suffer from frame shrinkage. These changes may result in lowered energy efficiency due to gaps where drafts can enter or warm air can escape. Traditional wooden doors need a maintenance system to prevent porous surfaces from retaining water. In a recent article on this subject, UPVC Door Store drew attention to the superior thermal properties of UPVC front and back doors. Online retailer, UPVC Door Store offer an excellent selection of made to measure UPVC doors in a wide range of styles and colours, including rosewood or antique oak, wood effect. These products are manufactured by UPVC Door Store and feature a core of galvanized steel, providing increased strength and home security. A four chamber design boosts thermal insulation, improving the homes energy efficiency, and the bespoke front and back doors come pre-hung in their own UPVC door frames ensuring the snuggest possible fit. UPVC Door Store have a vast knowledge of UPVC front & back doors, and are always delighted to assist customers in their choice, while giving them the best possible price.

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UPVC Made to Measure Front & Back Doors for Increased Thermal Efficiency

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